Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Another Day, Another Blog Entry

Really I suppose I shouldn't post every mundane thing about my mundane life, but it beats the hell out of writing my term paper or folding laundry. Honestly, how did I get HERE? How did I end up, at 35 years of age, a student? Why can't my 13yr old daughters fold their own clothes? Why didn't Faith Hill ever record my song? I honestly think that I was never cut out for "normal." I could have been a starving song-writer in Nashville, except for the whole "feeding the kids" thing... and Lord knows I would never have given them up to be raised by anyone else. I just love them too much, and they're too much fun.
So I got up this morning, drank some coffee, and went to work. I worked, came home, ate dinner, and got very very tired and very very bored. If I'm not destined for greatness, why do I get so restless with my lacktherof? Is it must me, or does everyone have these lovely little dreams that won't freakin' die?