Sunday, June 05, 2005

Today we talk about the Ship

Below are some shots of the Glory. Sorry all, but there are absolutely no photographs allowed on the Boobie Deck... *collective "aw" inserted here*

This is a huge, gorgeous boat of which my camera (okay, insert "photographic skills") did not do justice. I would love to show you pictures of the casino, but like the boobie deck, there are no cameras allowed. I figure, with all we lost in the casino, they would have given me a mercy shot, but NO.

Basically my days on the boat went something like this: I woke up, drank coffee until I got to the sunning deck, drank Bloody Marys until they stop serving them, then switched to something with Rum until lunch. Then we went to one of the many buffets and ate. We either went back to the sunning deck, or our stateroom, where I either slept or romped until it was time to turn over (yes, that pretty much applies to both activities), then ordered something else with Rum. Then I slept until dinner. We went to the dining room and had a fabulous meal with something with Rum. There was one waiter that was tre' hot...but alas, not our waiter. The wait staff would entertain us nightly with a little song and dance, and every time this one waiter put his little pirate hat and sunglasses on, I went moist. So now, all moist and full we changed for our evening activities. This would involve cigars in our favorite lounge with our favorite Polish waitress (I cannot believe I didn't take pictures of that lounge), followed by either (a) losing money in the casino, (b) singing Karaoke, or (c) joining in on the sing-a-long goodness in the piano bar. Oh yes, did I mention all activities involved something with Rum? Sorry for that oversight.

Ship Highlights:
My hubby won something like $100.00 the last night... but this only slightly covered my ginormous loss that night, and didn't come close to covering the quarters eaten by the slot machines on previous nights.
My hubby hit the Karaoke lounge (Bar Blue in the pics below) and did a fabulous rendition of "My Boyfriend's Back" during the early seating...which meant many a gray-hair and adolescent were offended...but the majority of the club cracked the hell up, and he was famous for about a day afterward.
Something with Rum...something to do with Rum... ah...

Tomorrow you get a narrative of our trip to Nassau...again, I didn't take any pictures, but I was snorkling, so... ya know... (Insert "rum" here.)