Friday, April 15, 2005

Riddle Me This

Thursday 7:15pm - Child #1 asks permission to go to the mall/movies with friends. Permission granted.

Friday 3:35pm - Child #2 asks permission to spend the night with friends. Permission granted.

Friday 4:30pm - FunkyBug asks LoveBug where third and final child is; LoveBug informs FunkyBug that Child #3 is with her mother this evening.

That's three out of three folks; count 'em. Three teenagers, who are at every given moment living under this roof, are suddenly OUT of this roof for the evening.

My husband, who JUST LEFT FOR THE GYM for the next three hours wants to know, "What's wrong?"

Ladies?Gentlemen? Would anyone like to take a stab at this riddle while I, oh I don't know... SIT ON MY ASS on a perfectly good Friday night?