Friday, December 17, 2004

So This is Christmas

Seriously, it's barely a week away. How is it that we know an event is forthcoming, and yet year after year we find ourselves rushing out at the very last minute to meet the deadline? Do you guys remember the Furby? I remember standing in the freezing cold outside the Bedford Walmart the day after Thanksgiving. Rumor had it, they had received a shipment of the little buggers, and both my kids wanted one. It was madness - much like my Beanie Baby days where I even skipped singing at church to purchase the latests and hottest creation. Once the doors opened it was every man for himself. I vowed never to do that again, and I haven't... but I may have to this year. My kid wants this CSI thing that is impossible to find... Why do retailers and manufacturers go out of their way to understock and underproduce the very thing they know kids want? GRRRRR

Oh, so I took my last final for the semester last night. Now I get to chew on my nails and await my grades. Please, don't do the "Oh yeah, right, you always get A's" thing... this was such a tough semester for me... the courses weren't tough, my attitude was. I experienced perhaps the worst case of role-overload in my life. Between school, work, kids, pets, etc... I shut down several times over the course of the last 18weeks. There were days and nights and entire weekends where I just could not bring myself to do one single task on my enormous to-do list. I barely studied for my finals, and that is SO not good. I did go into them with A's, but if I don't do well on them, it's bye-bye 4.0. I suppose letting go of perfectionism is a good thing, but it should be an active choice, not a passive consequence. I'll of course update as soon as grades are posted.

Work is getting wicked weird. We have a new Super and she has entered our organization carrying a very big BOOM STICK. Work has it that she is cleaning house, kicking ass, and taking names. Me? I'm sOOOOOO far down the totum pole that I feel secure. Worst case scenerio is that she looks at my title and says, "Um... we're paying you too much to sit behind a desk. Get in the classroom." However, much to my surprise, I'm actually enjoying my job these days. I still miss PC being there, but the upshot is that I don't socialize near as much so I get way more done. I'm organized there... I have this little universe built up around my desk with photos and inspirational souveniers and knickknacks, and of course a coffee pot, so I don't really mind being in my self-imposed cubby for 8hrs. I rather enjoy it. I was sooooooooo sick yesterday, but I still wanted to go do some work... I'm home today because I requested a personal day, and even though I'm still feeling crappy, I kind of wish I were working instead of staring down Mt. Laundry and the Great Precipace of Dirt. Oh, back to wicked weird... so rumor has it that our department is on her hit list, and you can see the upper level bozos getting very skiddish... makes for interesting smoke-breaks, I can tell ya that!

So okay, that really is about all there is. I'm going to go goof off now... I've earned it. Seacrest Out (that cracks me up every time....)