Saturday, January 22, 2005

I Need To Get This Checked

Last night my husband and I had one of those rare "kid free" evenings - with three kids, it's very rare that they all go out to enjoy their own lives at the exact same time, but that's what happened last night. As we contemplated what to do with our brief respite, we decided that the effort it would take to become hotties and hit the town was less appealing that the actual field trip. So we settled in at our respective desks and spent the evening playing games and listening to music. Now here's where it gets so weird... while browsing through new projects on MusicMatch I found myself zoning in on one that threw me into fits of laughter.

Me: Oh my God... Donny Osmond has a new project!
Mike: *shoot shoot bang bang kill kill*
Me: I'm playing it.
Mike: *terrorists win* Shit.

So I cue up Donny and get ready to be amused. I was amused. In fact, after about the first few bars of the first song on his project, I picked my jaw up off my keyboard and mumbled...

Me: Um... this is kind of, um... well, it's not really bad...
Mike: Are we listening to Donny Osmond?
Me: Yeah... and it's not really too, you know...
Mike: You like it.
Me: Shit.
Mike: You know, it's really not that bad... he's pretty good.

This is the moment when both of us much make a quick wrinkle check and admit to ourselves that we are officially old fuckers.

Mike: This would make a good blog entry for you. "Donny Osmond Rocks - or - Why I Need to Get Back On My Medication."
Me: Yeah... shut up, I can't hear him singing.

So listen... no one told me Donny Osmond could actually sing! He's got a great forward tone, excellent control of his instrument, and grits it up a bit like George Michael when necessary. As any of my non-virtual friends will tell you, I'm VERY critical of vocalists (present company included) thanks to my year-long training with a Nashville vocal coach. I can't find anything negative to say about Donny... so, I need to get this checked, right? Therapy?