Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Not THAT kind of Bug, Dammit!!!

Quick and simple - I'm fucking sick. Here are a few things I've learned today about being sick:

1: I can go to bed feeling just fine, and wake up in the morning quite certain that my intestines are being ripped out by a small demon with calloused hands.

2: When #1 happens, my entire house panics.

3: My husband will call MY work and let them know that I'm too sick to call in sick, let alone come in to work. Then he will cancel my lunch dates.

4: Said husband will cancel all his appointments to sit in the ER with me, on the chance that I am suffering from ebola-related melt-down.

5: My daughter does a GREAT job of grocery shopping on her own, as long as she has ample cash and my little Prada bag.

6: Said daughter will also (a) cook dinner (b) feed animals (c) bring me juice

7: My son will sit beside me and risk getting sick, because he doesn't know what else to do and doesn't want to be left out.

8: When I'm sick - everyone goes to bed on time and no one throws a fit about riding the bus in the morning.

9: Before bed they do their homework.

10: When I'm sick, no one says "shut up" unless it's "shut up, mom is sick."

11: No one fights

Really, this isn't the kind of bug I was talking about... but I've learned some nice things about my family today,