Friday, January 28, 2005

That's IT...that's IT!!!!! (3rd letter in 1 week)

Okay - all joking aside, I'm seriously fired up. Consequently, I have issued my modest proposal to my community.

"Three letters to the editor in one week equating abortion with the supposed demise of the Social Security system is too much of a coincidence. The first time I read it, I thought, “Well, that’s new.” The second time I heaved a sigh and chalked it up to a new radio-host-initiated talking point. I’m still calling it like I see it, as far as the origin of this connection goes, but upon reading the third letter by CHARLES E. LANGBEIN JR published on 1/28/05, I think its time to call it out loud. Mr. Langbein, you say that we should be looking at, “…factual data, not political hype,” and I could not agree more. Factually speaking, I believe the current system is said to be in danger of collapsing in seventy-five years, correct? Pray tell then, how can the 40 million aborted “potential tax payers” (talk about compassionate conservatism) be responsible for something that won’t occur for another seventy-five years? I’m suggest, Sir, that you are propagating the kind of political hype you say we should not be looking at.

But I’ll admit I could be wrong. If the claim that abortion has contributed to a possible collapse in retirement benefits is true, then it seems to me that we should all get out there right now and start making some babies…lots of them. But let’s not stop there…let’s ALL run, not walk, to the nearest attorney/adoption agency and begin filling out papers. And let’s specify that we will adopt babies of all races and physically ability. Finally, let’s demand that our president bring our soldiers home immediately so no more tax payers are killed. Once home, they can begin producing 1.2 potential tax payers per family unit. If we agree to this, then seventy-five years from now we won’t have a thing to worry about except property values and gated communities.

Perhaps your radio host didn’t help you think this talking point through, did he?"

You think they'll publish this one too? Note to self: run all errands after dark, and buy a good disguise - pronto