Monday, January 31, 2005

Cruising over from Michele's Place?

Welcome! I've got a fresh pot of coffee brewing and the cinnamon rolls are just about ready to come out of the oven. Brush some cat hair off one of the chairs and stay awhile. If you hear screaming, it's perfectly normal for a Monday morning at my house.

Me: *spilling first cup of coffee this morning as I trip over the cat to make my way to my bleeding, possibly decapicated eldest child* Honey???????????????
Daughter: *emerging from bedroom, lacking in the decapitiation and gore department* Where are my Professor Zim shoe laces?
Me: Where did you leave them?
Daughter: *rolls eyes the way only a teenager can* I HATE when you say that, Mom!!!!!
Me: Yeah, and I hate spilling coffee all over my BeBe pajamas. You'll find them where you left them. Do you need a hug?
Daugher: No, you're wet.

Also, my house is slightly haunted by a ghost who refused to do my dishes or my laundry. I'm trying to trade up to a hard working poltergeist, but it's a delicate negotiation. Apparantly there are TOO many teenage hormones in my house.

I will visit you all very soon, and just for you...JUST for today, I will not go "dark."

Stay awhile, and come back soon!