Wednesday, January 26, 2005

So...Is This Rush Limbaugh's New Talking Point?

I have a vice. I'll call it a vice because it's something I do to myself on a daily basis which produces a mind-numbing headache and a full-on body rash. I read the Letters to the Editor in my local newspaper during my lunch break. Yes, I know that I live in Florida and I should go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather during my 1/2hr hiatus from hell... but I don't. I minimize all my various work-related programs, belly up to a plastic container full of mediocre sushi and read the various voices of my community. A few days ago I read a letter that made my skin crawl, and I resisted the urge to fire off one of my infamous smart-ass responses. Today I read another letter that I would like to share with you. The author's closing statement reiterates the aforementioned babble:

The High Court's Wages

It's time to bash the administration for attempting to mess around with Social Security. We, as Republicans, Democrats or independents take turns blaming each other for the mess we are in. I offer a different perspective for consideration.

When it was first created, there were a large number of wage earners per beneficiary of the system. Today that ratio is down to three or less to one. The obvious answer that will make all happy is to have more wage earners, right? Thank the Supreme Court for our predicament. We have aborted 40 million wage earners since their decision. Have a happy day.

So what's a girl to do? I'm thinking (off the top of my head) something along the lines of...

By George, I think you're on to something! 40 million wage earners are dead dead dead. You know, we should really stop being so selfish! I'm right behind you on this one - in fact, I'm willing to go one step further to secure my future. To date, over 1400 American soldiers have died in Iraq. Add to that number the 1.2 children that several of those younger men and women might have produced (we all know good, God fearing, patriotic men and women would never abort their children) and we are looking at possibly 1680 wage earners that have selfishly sacrificed their lives and screwed me out of my retirement. Then there's all those injured soldiers... like 300,000 of them. I'll bet they won't be reproducing anytime soon. Now we're up to almost 400,000 wage earners in just under two years. If this thing goes on any longer, I'll never be able to buy my condo in Florida and learn to play canasta. I say we tell those men and women to get their asses home RIGHT now and start making me some babies.

By the way, do you think maybe that 151 billion dollars this war has cost would have helped with Social Security? Damn that, I mean Bin Laden, er...Sadaam (it's so hard to tell, what with them all looking the same to me and stuff.) I dunno... but I'm not going to worry about that right now. I need to focus on all those dead babies. People need to stop making dead babies. I'll adopt them all if they stop killing them... well, at least the white ones anyhow... and the healthy ones... not the ones that are deformed or stupid...

Oh, tell Rush I said "Hi!" and tell him I'm praying for his addiction.

Yeah... maybe I'll just leave it at that.