Monday, June 13, 2005

Random Thoughts With Funky

(1)It's Monday morning, and I haven't had enough coffee.
(2)My co-workers should probably either shut the fuck up, or work somewhere else today.
(3)I miss my kids.
(4)Shared parenting sucks.
(5)I'm bloated and pudgy.
(6)I'd like to be naked on a beach in St. Martin.
(7)They're French, so they're used to fat naked people on the beach.

(1) - I woke up this morning and switched sides of the bed with my husband. Now, the alarm clock was my responsibility. Snooze. Snooze. Then I gave up. When I finally left for work, my handsome baby was sound asleep, therefor NO ONE was available to fix my coffee.
(2) I made an announcement this morning: I am in a shitty mood. You would think an intelligent person would translate that statement to mean, "Don't fuck with me." You would be wrong, or they quite possibly are not at all intelligent. They are blathering and trying to drag me into the middle of their office politics. They are still chit chatting. They are obviously committing suicide.
(3) I put my kids on a plane yesterday.
(4) My ex gets to keep them for the next six weeks.
(5) See "The Skinniest Bitch"
(6) & (7) No explanation needed. You know you all would trade your Monday morning as it is, for a Monday morning on a clothing-optional beach in the Caribbean. You also know you've seen way too many French-Canadians wearing Speedos.

Happy Funky will return tomorrow...maybe.