Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chasing Euglena

Isn't he pretty? His name is Henry and he's a Protist.

I began my last semester at my little community college this past week. I think I planned my courses along the way as best as can be expected. My last semester before graduation consists of one class I have been dreading, and one class I never dreamed I'd be allowed to take for college credit.
I'm attending classes on campus three nights a week -- more time on campus than I've ever committed to before. Here are my reflections on the upcoming semester as written in my notebook prior to each class beginning, and then immediately following.

BIOLOGY - In the beginning there was fright:
Auditorium-style seating on THIS campus? I
What's with these little deskette things attached to the side of the seats? How am I supposed to open my textbook AND take notes?
The professor looks harmless enough, I suppose. But that stack of papers he just handed out give me the impression that he's a bit compulsive. He also believes that plants think.
In a class this size, only 3 students will recieve A's.
No dropped tests or papers.
No extra credit.
No food or drink.
No breaks.
But hey, I caught a Euglena. I was damned excited about it too.

PHOTOGRAPHY - And it was very good:
You know you're in a good place when Sweet Baby James infiltrates the air, mingling with the tinge-y scent of chemicals and ink.
Torso-less mannequins stand as sentries along the tops of cabinets worn with age -- cabinets hanging as they were when the era this music debuted was original and young.
As a matter of interest, the newest thing in this classroom (besides the nervous students) is a larger-than-life display box for Adobe Creative Suite -- Premium, no less.
And those dark blue bottles gathering in the corner -- Dos Equis or developing chemicals? I've so much to learn.
He shoots professional commercial photography to pay his bills. He shoots everything else to feed his soul. His camera is his livelihood, and art is his life. He "lectures" over Janis Joplin and Simon and Garfunkel. He thinks the Rule of 3rds is stupid, and he just wants us to learn from our successes. He says the dark room is as close to heaven as anyone can get. This is the first time I've ever been tempted to sleep with a professor in order to get an A. I've never needed to, so is it bad that I want to?

This is Funky, and that is all.