Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So That Was Christmas

Now that Christmas is over I'm wondering...

Is anyone offended that the salespeople aren't saying Happy Hanukkah? I'm thinking of writing a letter to the editor, and vowing not to shop in any store that is ignoring the holy days, choosing instead to say Happy Holidays.

Okay -- I'll take my tongue out of my cheek now and move on.

There's obviously so much to say about the last week. I won't, of course, because no one really has THAT great an attention span. But I have to share a wonderful moment that really helped kick in the Christmas Spirit for me (and literally not a moment too soon).

My family and I decided to attend Midnight Mass again this year, though we haven't been to service at our old church since they fired the youth minister and built a huge sanctuary with his salary. We picked a quaint little Episcopal church around the corner from our house and arrived strangers in a familiar land.

When the priest welcomed us all, he let everyone know that communion was open to everyone, be they Baptist, Buddist, or none of the above.

*in my previous life, no one was allowed to take communion unless they were totally sinless... we all took it anyway, because God forbid we be gossip fodder*

He said he still waits up until 3am for Santa to arrive.

*in my previous life, we were sinners if we lied to our kids and told them Santa was real. We were told this, of course, in the presence of our kids*

And I just needed to be reminded that there are practicing Christians in this country that don't live by the law of hate and bigotry. And yes, that brought Christmas to me this year.

That, and the presents.

This is Funky, and that is all.