Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Damn those crazy kids!

Atlanta Golf Club Sparks Battle Over Gay Rights

Damn those crazy gay kids... what more do they want? After we shot them down, they still keep fighting. Now... NOW they want their partners to be able to GOLF for FREE! Oh the shame and inhumanity...

Some lovely snippets from the article:

"Druid Hills treats unmarried same sex couples and unmarried heterosexual couples equally," said Bondurant..." Right... except that GEORGIA BANNED GAY MARRIAGE AND SAME-SEX UNIONS!!! If same sex couples HAVE to be "unmarried" by state law, then how on earth can you call this equal treatment!!!!!!!!!!

"Earl Ehrhart, a powerful Republican legislator in Georgia, has promised to push a bill that, if passed, would forbid the state or any local government from penalizing private social groups for engaging in what he describes as lawful expression.
'What these militant homosexuals are seeking is special rights, not equal rights,' Ehrhart wrote in a recent editorial in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the city's largest newspaper."

Yes, they are pushing a scary agenda... the right to much more militant can you possibly get?

I must go be ill now.