Sunday, January 09, 2005

Let's embark together on a little research project, shall we?


Behind me my husband is indulging in an online shoot-em-up type game of which I have no desire to know the name. While I'm trying to study Earth Science, I hear these voices... this game allows the players to speak with one another while they shoot terrorists. Frequently I hear "This is so gay." "You are so gay." "It would be gay to blah blah blah."

Feeling frustrated I could not surpress the urge to state that I abhor individuals who have exchanged the word "bad" for "gay." Further, I self-righteously exclamed that I refuse to allow my children to use the word "gay" in any other manner except it's original definition.

So yeah, I should have counted to three before summing up my argument. The original definition of "gay" was "happy" not homosexual. So here's where the research comes to play.

"Gay" was "Happy" and then "Gay" became a term for homosexuality. Who did that? Did the gay community adopt that word, or did the rest of society thrust it upon them as some twisted ironic contradiction of the way we make them REALLY feel? Remember, homosexuality, until recently, was deemed a personality disorder by the APA. So surely we wouldn't assume being gay was being happy. I rather think now that "gay" being used for "bad" is at least a truer reflection of how ignorant, insecure people REALLY think.