Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho It's Off to Class I Go

On today's menu:

Appetizer - 1hr of Earth Science
Main Course - Ethics and Philosophy
Dessert - Coffee from the student union for the drive home

Let's hope Earth Science doesn't bore me to sleep, or Ethics doesn't keep me up all night. For those of you who stumbled into the Funky Bug Cafe, and for those of you here by personal invitation, please come back around often. I may need some help solving ethical dilemmas, or at the very least, the humor to care about the asthenosphere.

Speaking of humor... I had to quickly memorize the six levels of learning according to Bloom's Taxonomy. I devised myself a little acronymn for:
Knowledge/ Kerry
Comprehension/ Can't
Application/ Accept
Analysis/ America's
Synthesis/ Social
Evaluation/ Evils

Say it loud, say it proud: Robin can't get past the election. Sigh.