Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hello? *taps mic* Is this thing on?

Really, is anyone out there? I suppose I'd rather believe that no one is reading, rather than someone is reading and finding my ranting too boring to comment on... but if you ARE out there, please drop me a comment (cue attention-whore photo.)

Mike and I spent the last week in South Carolina with his family. It was SUCH an awesome time. After ten years with a family I feel quite certain didn't care for me in the least, it's a blessing to be with my new family who I think may actually accept, even perhaps like me. It's about a nine-hour trip to Greenwood SC, so we arrived at 10:30pm on Christmas day. We had a lovely do-nothing day on Sunday, then hit the road each day after. Monday was spent in Atlanta, GA with a pit stop at a great cafe along the way. The name escapes me, but my brother-in-law told me that the real Radio lives in that town, and he met him there a few months back. Then we shopped a bit at the Mall of Atlanta (but only a bit as it was WAY packed) before dining with friends and grabbing coffee at Barnes and Nobles. Tuesday we went to a few little towns in SC to sight see and enjoy the beautiful weather. Wednesday we drove to Charleston and that was my favorite day-trip. This city was so rich in history and the architecture was unbelievable. The old homes take your breath away. I'm told there is one home that goes on the market every six months. It sells quickly, but the owners never stay, as there was a horrendous murder there years ago, and baaaaaaaaaaaaaad things happen to those who attempt to dwell with the spirits of the departed. Fascinating stuff. Thursday we went to Hendersonville to antique and enjoy the mountains, and Friday my sister-in-law and I did some antiquing in Greenwood and let me tell you, I broke the bank for that. I found such wonderful things, including a booth whose owner does NOT know that meaning of T & CO. I figuratively stole some great pieces. And instead of partying the night away at some loud pub somewhere, we settled in with a few movies and toasted in the New Year together with a grocery store champaign that did little more than make us burp profusely. It was absolutely perfect.
And now I'm home, and there are bags of goodies laying all over the house just begging to be distributed to various rooms.
Did I mention life is good? Well, it is.