Friday, January 07, 2005

A Walk I Remember - A "Fairy" Tale

Years ago I was this sexually repressed, overweight, Bapticostal nightmare. I lived for three things: my kiddos, my church music, and my Little Debbie's snackcakes. There were a few bright spots sprinkled among this trifecta, and one of them was my daily (lengthy) communications with my best friend, Scotty (for more on him, I recommend you click on any of the recent comments, click on his profile from there, and then do-not-pass-go-but-go-directly-to-his-website.)

So I would do the morning Mom thing and once my kids were merrily doing their daily Kid thing, I would settle into this small room painted yellow and littered with hundreds of Beanie Babies (which I collected passionately due to the aforementioned sexual repression.) I would do the dial-up and spend the afternoon e-mailing my Scotty. Sometimes it was church music stuff, and lots of times it digressed to some weird-assed bickering that we only later admitted had more to do with some misguided crush-like stuff we had for each other, and less to do with anything of global importance.) So in those years of e-mailing, we learned to rely on such minute details of each others' lives as what we had for lunch, what our spouse wore to work, and what shoes go best with black dress-clothes (wow... that should have been a sign, eh?)

Years later, lives later, Scotty and I are in different places...literally and figuratively. We both divorced our respective spouses, and NO you homophobic CCC ass-clowns, NOT for each other. I found my soul mate and moved to Florida, and before leaving I introduced Scotty to my old high-school crush, and the two of them are life partners in my old hometown.

The point? Well, as of late it's been a bit of the old... we blog as if we are talking to the world about our random thoughts and meaningless opinions, but in actuality, it's much like the days of old. I'm walking where I remember, though not as fat, not really in church, and most definitely steering clear of the snackcakes. Still... I may not know what he had for lunch today, but we're locking back in again... only difference is, we're publishing it because we are both attention whores.

I love ya, Scotty!

So other than that, it was not a terribly interesting day for me. I worked, I fought off the urge to verbally take down several of my co-workers, and then I left. I stopped at the store and picked up a micromeal and six bottles of wine, and then I settled in to watch the tele. Have you ever seen Serendipity with John Cusak (world's hottest hunk?) Truly a good movie... fate and destiny and true love... I got it... And at the end, when they reunite, my husband returns from a four day business trip. Serendipity indeed.

Well so, not political or social... but fun nonetheless.