Sunday, January 02, 2005

Seriously - don't you think we can look at it this way? I tried to be a cynic and adopt a Phooey stance on New Year Resolutions, but that's no fun! I think I've even said in the past that I refuse to make them because change comes from within and is not dictated nor influenced by the calendar. Well, phooey on that. It sounds pretty good, but change is very often dictated and influenced by things outside the realm of our psychie... in fact I am beginning to believe our psychie is deeply rooted in subconcious thought, and therefor breeds new beginnings at the slightest of hints. Anyway, that simply means that I've decided to make some New Year Resolutions for 2005. They are not mind-shatteringly novel, and in fact are fairly trite in conception, but they make me feel so much better.

1. My home will no longer be a refuse heap. I have years of clutter and memorabilia stacked to the four corners of each room. There are fifty-two weeks in a year, and only 11 rooms in my house. Surely (don't call me Shirley) I can weed out the old and make room for, well, humans to dwell within.
2. This year, I will finally move in to the home I've lived in since 2002. I've hesitated to make any major changes in Mike's home since I moved in because I felt as though he would view my attempts at decor-renovation as an insult to the existing structure. But honestly, the ex had a decorating style that is simply not to my liking (nor is the ex, ipso facto...) Again, there are 52 weeks in this year, but I've already committed 11 of them, leaving 41 weekends for painting and decorating. If I give each room two full weekends, I've still got 19 weekends left for slothful habits.
3. Diet-schmiet. They truly don't work. They are routines, and I'm not really good at routines. They are rules, and I'm a rebel in that I use the tag "rebel" as an excuse NOT to follow rules. However, I am going to take it easy on my digestive system, and do good things for my heart. I'm not going to commit to a diet and exercise regime, but I am going to take a good look at the things I'm NOT doing to make myself a healthier person.
4. Finish my AA. This will of course come naturally. I have the spring, two summer sessions and the fall session to finish up, and I'm right in line to do so. I would love to finish with my 4.0, but finishing well is not nearly as important as finishing this century... I know, that's NOT a healthy outlook, but at 35 (I guess 36 soon) I'll just take my cake without the icing if that's what is needed to move forward.
5. Make a concerted effort to also focus on my writing, and try to get the finished product out there. Those of you in the industry know what I mean. Songs don't sell themselves. They need a little nudge from their creator once in awhile.

I think five is pretty good... probably six more than I can actually handle, but it makes for a cheery morning to think about how Dec. 31st 2005 will feel like.