Friday, January 14, 2005

Physician, Heal Thyself

I am in a FUNK today! I've been battling a cold for almost a week now, but it's sort of one of those battles that you fight valiently, knowing all the while that you will eventually lay down your sword and say, "Oh just get it OVER with already!" I'm going to assume that is the root of my inability to feel inspired, or have anything unique to say.

Should I blog when I'm boring? Why not. It's free.

So it's raining - but not a peaceful, happy rain... more like a torrential downpour. That's not really helping, but I can't sit around all day and wait for inspiration to bring me a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk. I know where creativity lives... it's everywhere. I just need to go find it... and no, I don't mean that I have to find something wonderful to inspire a great work of art... I just need to wake up my spirit so my smile isn't quite so phoney. I'll be back once I've healed myself...promise.