Saturday, January 15, 2005

Things I'm Addicted to

Nicotine - I'm still tackling this virus/germ thing and here's how bad I really feel: I have run out of cigarettes and I don't feel like running out for more. I could have SWORN I had one more pack. Psych=Suck

Creating Web Traffic - you'll notice at the bottom of the page there are two more banners. Both these lovely little communities lure you in with the promise of increasing your readership... what they REALLY do is put you in a partially comatose state where you smoke all your cigarettes and mindlessly, obsessively click on blogs for the better part of the day.

Zuma - It's this game on PopCaps... evil game with a frog and some balls... I've been addicted for almost a year now. It's very sad.

Re-runs of "Charmed" on Spike - Someone explain to me how Prue really died. I missed that episode while I was out having a life.

Comments - I'm addicted to comments. Post your addictions, and I'll eagerly run to your site and increase your traffic. If I really like your site, I may even sidebar it... you never know!