Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dear Rude-y - Volume II

Dear Prudence,
I'm hopeful you can help me. My grandmother gave me a beautiful, large diamond ring. I had it appraised for insurance purposes, so I do know the current value of it, which is substantial. I wear it everyday for sentimental reasons, as my grandmother and I are extremely close. Because it is larger than the normal diamond you see daily, it's an attention-grabber. I am constantly being told how beautiful it is, and I am always thankful for those comments. I do not, however, know how to reply when someone comes right out and asks me what it is worth. I feel this is none of their business. I try to say, "It's priceless," as it really is to me, but they'll come back with, "No, really, what's it worth?" Is it just me thinking questions surrounding the value of my ring are wrong? I've flat-out refused to disclose the amount, only to get shocked looks like I am the nervy one when it should be the other way around. Prudie, what do I say to questions like this without upsetting people?

—Diamond Girl

Dear Diamond Girl,
Cue the attention-whore photo. Your grandmummy gives you the Hope Diamond, which yeilds numerous comments daily, yet you still feel the need to write a public advice column in order to brag about it some more? You want my advice? Donate the ring to charity and tuck a photo in your underwear. Bonus - when strangers ask you why your panties are in a bunch, you can tell them all about the grandmother who lives near your vagina.
Rude-y, Covetingly