Thursday, February 10, 2005

All is Quiet

North Carolina Triple Falls
Copyright 2003 Posted by Hello

All is quiet on the homefront. It's almost eerie. The silence. I'm hoping it's more like a much-deserved respite, and not the calm before the storm.

Thanks for checking out my photos the other day. I was really surprised at the pictures that seemed to draw the most comments. These are shots I personally adore, but had no idea would have any kind of appeal to anyone but me. It was encouraging - moreso than you know - and I'm appreciative!

Oh yes... I have a small statement to make to "Anonymous" who once again graced my blog with his/her presence. *clears throat, stands on soapbox*

I have absolutely no idea why, "Anonymous," you would click on a link called "101 Things You Need to Know" and then call me a joker for writing a long entry. Can you count to 101? Do you have any numerical giftings whatsoever? I ask because a post I call "101 Things..." will most likely contain, oh I don't know...about 101 things. Sorry for assuming that anyone would want to "fuck[ing]... read all that." I'm going to take a page from my blogosphriend Garrison Steele and leave your ever-so-insightful comments right where they are for precisely 24hrs so that everyone can see what a ridiculous ass you are.

Bug out.