Saturday, February 05, 2005

If You're Looking for Funny, We're All Sold Out

For the last few days you have been subjected to entries from my emergency back-up file. You see, when I'm on a roll, I type up several blog entries and store them as drafts. That way I always have something to post, whether I feel like writing or not. Usually I post them on days when I'm extremely busy and haven't got time to write. Sometimes I post them on days when I have nothing interesting to say. Every so often I post them during Funky's funks... the later is the reason for the smart-assed, out-dated entries of late.

I'm not going to be funny today. I'm slightly stressed by several factors and if I don't get them out in writing, I'll be completely unproductive for the rest of the weekend.

First and foremost is this blog entry by my friend Scotty over at The Once Exciting Now Boring Life of Me. I've been around the block a few times, and I consider myself to be well-informed on all the issues pertaining to our government's meddling. I am shocked and outraged by this sheep in wolves clothing. Please read, comment if you can, and help me find a way to make more people aware of this situation. If you would kindly add a link to this entry on your webpage over the next few days, make sure you let me know in the comment area. In return, I'll feature YOUR blog here at mine, and shower you with gratis.

On a more personal note, I'm dealing with two separate issues. First, my stepdaughter and her manipulative mother. My SD is only 13 years old - keep that in mind. My wonderful husband is an equally wonderful father who is often called upon to play the role of two parents. When my SD has lessons, dances, auditions, etc... it is always my husband who rearranges his work schedule so he can transport her from point A to point B and back. In return, we are graciously allowed two full weekends with her each month. For the last two of those weekends, my SD has landed a babysitting gig. Last night was the second of the two. My angst is over the details of said gig. The client is the mother's party buddy. Since the mother just recently filed for divorce #2 she has been partying hardy in search of husband #3. Mother and party buddy like to close down the bars, but party buddy has kids. SOOOO they brilliantly concocted a scheme whereby my SD spends the night at the buddy's house every Saturday night, and in return, they throw her a couple $20s for her time. My SD loves the money - my husband and I loathe the situation. No 13 yr old girl should be spending the night alone in the house with small children so the mothers can tie one on and not have to drive her home at 3am. My husband and I are struggling with a decision that must be made; do we allow her to continue babysitting so she can have some income (mother gets amost a grand/mo from us for CS, but doesn't give the kid a dime for allowance) or do we put our foot down and do what's right for the kiddo... meaning no more babysitting all night long? (Let me add that SD is in therapy right now b/c mother put her through of this issues brought up were the two additional offspring mother had with husband #2....and mother made SD "babysitt" them for $10/wk while #2 sat on his ass with a hangover all day. Therapist says, "No more babysitting... let her be a kid.")

Second, and even more personal is my family... my mother and sister to be precise. I moved to FL about four years ago. My mother visited me about a year and a half ago to look for a place down here. We found her a fantastic little home in a great retirement community five minutes from my house. She put in an offer and flew back the next day. Then she threatened to kill herself and my sister and I had to have her committed for 72hrs. She said she absolutely could not move because her life (read, "my sister") was in Indiana. Okay, so FINE!!!! Then about a year ago my sister moved down here. Yesterday I find out that my mother is putting her home on the market to buy a house on my sister's street. Yes, I'm pissed. Why? Well, it's not something that settles well, the fact that your mother would rather kill herself than live around the corner from you, but thinks nothing of leaving her home to be near your sister. My sister dropped the news while I was in the middle of studying and I suppose I was rather blunt and to the point in that I didn't really want to hear it, it pissed me off, etc... My sister was fairly pissed about my mother's decision because (1) the original move was done to get my mother OUT of my sister's hair (2) my sister moved here to get away from my mother because she was driving her crazy. So the next thing I know, I have an e-mail from my mother (sidenote: I bought my mom a computer for Christmas a couple of years ago so that she could keep in touch with me... she only uses it to play cards and talk to my sister) and she lays this major guilt-trip on me. My sister told her I was "upset" that she was moving here. My mother says, "I never dreamed you wouldn't want me to move to Florida...maybe I should just stay here." ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! I promptly responded my feelings as described here, then shot off a forward of Mom's e-mail to my sister with the message, "I totally do NOT appreciate this...if you threw this back on me because you don't have the balls to tell Mom you don't want her near you, I'm very disappointed in you." I have not heard from either of them since.

So yeah, I'm in a mood. My best friend is being taken advantage of, my stepdaughter is being taken advantage of... and me? I'm just stuck dealing with a couple crazy blood-relatives hell bent on blaming everyone else for their problems.

So if you were looking for funny today, I'm sorry but we're fresh out of funny. Try back tomorrow.