Monday, February 07, 2005

Misc. Updates from the Day Before

My Blog-o-sphriends!
I love my blog-o-sphriends! You just don't care if I'm having a bad day or a great day. You're just always there with your comment lovin'... I don't have to be funny, or poignant, or intelligent, or wacky... I can just be me and y'all still manage to find time to come around for coffee. Thanks guys!

(Not her)Home Alone
My step-daughter's babysitting gig: I couldn't agree with you all more... and the more you say exactly what I feel, the more certain I am that we must put a stop to this. We may not be able to stop it on the weekends she's with the mother, but we do have a say when she is with us. Hell, I've got the messiest house on the planet right now... surely she can find enough to do around my house to earn some good jack! Of course it is ultimately NOT my call. She belongs to her daddy... but he is the BEST daddy in the world, so I'm sure he'll do the right thing.

Family - the OTHER F-word
This little thing has turned into a family feud. This is normal for the Miller side of the gene-pool I am infected with. Every so-many years, someone pisses someone off, and then they set about ignoring them until they either (1) forget why they were mad or (2) need something from the other one. I've actually never been in the middle of one of these things, so in a way, I'm sort of's like I've been inducted into the disfunctional hall of fame. I thought about playing along, but ultimately decided to do this: "Hey guys... whatever it was that I said - forget about it. I was drunk. Love ya!" Seriously - what can you say to that? Oh sure, they can talk about me being a lush, but as long as they talk quietly behind my back where I CAN'T HEAR THEM!

Published AGAIN!
Oh yes... one more thing. Who was it that commented (I'm thinking it was my friend panthergirl) that they DARED my local paper to post my little response to the whole abortion/social security issue? Well, THEY DID! BWAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHAAA!

Y'all be good now, you hear? I'll get back to something cool and witty, or poignant and introspective tomorrow. Right now I'm going to install my new scanner and work on uploading some photographs. They won't be here though... you'll have to head on over to my website if you wanna see them.

Bug Out.