Monday, February 21, 2005

No Turns

This is my favorite form of photography...ironic, true, life. However, this guy probably makes more than most of my co-workers. Last week a very hard-working collegue of mine came to me in tears. Her husband is an insulin-dependant diabetic and cannot work because he is still adjusting to the medication. His joints are so swollen he has to have them drained regularly. He's been denied benefits twice, and they are currently awaiting their third hearing. Meanwhile, she is trying to support a family of four on $1400.00/mo. That's right folks... her boss brings in more than $80k/year... additional fundage presented in the form of contract assignments for which he gets paid leave. Guess who does his job for him while he's gone (and while he's there, quite frankly?) Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

My co-worker's electricity was suddenly (and without warning) shut off. Her husband's insulin was rotting in the fridge. She asked why the electric company hadn't notified her... she freely admitted she robs Peter to pay Paul, and if she knew they were the next Paul on the list, she wouldn't have paid her mortgage. They told her she knew she was a month behind, and per contract, they had every right to do what they did. Sorry ma'am, but until you pay the $300.00 you owe, plus $125.00 in re-connection fees, there will be no insulin for you. Go to a cash advance store in a strip, we don't care that you already did that last week to buy groceries. Click.

This...this in the land of the free and the brave, huh? Tonight I watched American Idol. Do you know how much money Simon makes to insult people? Paula Abdul to fight with Simon? Randy to say "dog" about 12 times per 60 minute episode? Do you know how much your kids' teachers make? Where...GOD WHERE are our priorities? I don't expect to make the same salary as a doctor, but why are our values so screwed up? How many "no turn" signs will people have to face, just to pay their bills and care for their families?

Or is this what you want, Dubya? Do you want to keep the poor so desperate that you can fill your oil fields with their blood? Posted by Hello