Sunday, February 20, 2005

What a Difference A Day Makes

I have had my head buried in science books for almost a week now. Yes, I confess... you have been subjected to my back-up files... I thought I was being a good girl... sticking to the plan... plugging away for my midterm...but you know what they say... all work and no play makes Funky quite the bore.

Today my husband, Lovebug, asked me if I had lots of homework... having only one cup of coffee in my system, I snorted. He understood. After my second cup of coffee the meaning behind his inquiry caught up with me. It's Sunday. We had plans to shoot... but he backed away because I snorted.

So I caught up with Lovebug and told him that when he got back from the gym I would be ready to go... regardless of my well-thought-out study plan. Sometimes you have to set those "have to do" things aside... and what a difference today made.

Last week I shot inanimate objects with dollar signs in my eyes. And they sucked. No, really... they sucked. I made some very amateurish shooting at bronze in broad daylight without a filter, and without fill flash. No one wants to buy a photo of an old women with an orb over her boob. The end result (and the reason why I didn't want to shoot today) is that I decided that I suck as a photographer.

Today I took out three cameras... my Nikon F80, my Mavica digital, and my Holga. The Nikon never left the bag. Instead, I loaded up my toy camera and shot... for fun... yes, FOR FUN...the way I used to shoot before someone convinced me that I should be making money off my hobby. As I was shooting away with my little toy Holga I noticed a pair of swans that were VERY busy picking up sticks. Yes folks, it's the LUV season for swans. I put my Holga away (loaded with 3200 black and white which is great for playing, but shitty for swans) and pulled out my junk digital... and I just started tracking and shooting those swans as they prepared their nest... for fun, mind you... for fun.

Imagine my surprise when I uploaded my images. I'm not ready to break into the big time, but at least tonight I'm fairly convinced that I truly don't suck. Oh sure... I got excited and did my copyright date wrong (hello, 2005 anyone?) but the photo makes me oh so happy.
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