Monday, April 18, 2005

Let Me Introduce You to My Sidebar

My Monday morning obsession (oh, yes of course I work Mon-Fri, why do you ask?) is spending about two hours working on my sidebar while I drink down that fabulous caffeinated morning elixir. I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to my sidebar. Please feel free to take notes; you can use them on the pop quiz we'll have later this week.

Bug Searches
Occassionally as I comb through the Internet on Monday morning (yes, I do work Mon-Fri. Why do you keep asking me that?) I will find something so shocking, so funny, or so amazing, that I must alert my readers. You will find in this section the results of my searching and wandering and wasting of company dollars.

Bug Juice
Profundity (is that a word?) central, I post stuff that moves me as ultimate truth. These are my words to live by, and I share them with you because it makes me look smart and well-read.

Bug Bites
The idea is to type a little monologue of stuff that pisses me off, but really can't warrant a full post. Sometimes I brag here, which doesn't piss me off at all. Sometimes I've already posted for the day, but want to say just ONE MORE THING. In other words, it's just an annoying little section that dresses up my sidebar and serves no real purpose. Read it anyhow. It makes my tail light glow with excitement.

My Antenna
This little section gives you an insight into my mood by directing you to the particular artist I'm listening to while I'm updating my template. I have selective OCD, and once I lock into an artist on Monday morning, (YES, MONDAY, not Sunday... what are you getting at?) you can rest assured I'll still be jamming it out on Friday afternoon.

Bug Eyes On
This is not, contrary to the link, an advertisement for Amazon. It is what I'm trying to read at the moment. Note I said, "trying." I'm a full-time student, so I'm usually reading some over-priced text book, but how boring would THAT be in my sidebar?

Bug Zapper
This "gotcha" section is really a little promotion for my favorite blogs. Yes, I know Michele does this daily, and yes I know that Flirt in a Skirt does this on birthdays, and yes I know that The Dog's Breakfast does this every Wednesday. I didn't ever claim to be original; I just like you to see my friends (read: "see that I have friends.") I like it better when you go see them and comment that I sent you. It makes me look important.

Movie Reviews

No explanation necessary. I just like voicing my opinion. Please do note that when I rate a movie as "five bugs," you absolutely must see it if you ever want to be my friend again. No pressure though...

Things I Shouldn't Like

You know what this is all about... pop-culture trash shit that you secretly love but would NEVER admit to anyone... foods you eat in secret... television shows you know are making you dumber... guilty pleasures and self-affirming behaviors that any therapist would tell you to get over... this section is where I show my humanity...where I get naked for the world... it's my own personal nudist camp.

Bug Blogs
These are some (note I say "some") of the Blogs I read daily. They are places for you to go when you want to see what I find interesting. There is no theme here, nothing to see people, move along.

So now you've been formally introduced to my sidebar. I need another cup of coffee and a fifteen minute gossip break (yes it's Monday morning... why do you keep asking me that?) Have a brilliant, productive day!