Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Everybody Wants Me (well, at least my stuff)

Damn! You know, I honestly thought that when classes finished for the semester, I'd have all this free time, and life would be easy-breezy. No.Such.Luck. Now that everyone knows I'm finished for a bit, they all want me, or at least my stuff.

Work: "Since you're finished with school for a few weeks, I was wondering if you might be able to do some work-related travel stuff... we'll pay you double-time, and reimburse your expenses... it's just that we know we can trust you with this project, and the timing couldn't be better." So, you ever try to write blog entries while driving in your car? Impossible.

Husband: "Since you don't have homework on the weekends, I was thinking maybe now would be the time to start landscaping the backyard. Here - I bought you shovel, and a hoe, and some gardening gloves."

Kids: "Mommy - we have projects due... we have PowerPoint presentations and Incredible Edible Cell projects, and we need parent-participation... and we need you to paint our rooms and take us to the mall for summer clothes...and we have sinus infections and incredible inedible acne that needs attention...and we need your laptop."

Cat: "You miserable two-legger. I don't ask much from you. Feed me, water me, pet me on demand... dammit, get back to it."

Dog: "I pooped in the entryway."

I'm sorry I haven't visited in eons... but I'll be making the rounds over the next few days. It's rough when everybody wants you... or at least they want your stuff.