Saturday, April 23, 2005

What Do You Call, Five Lawers at the Bottom of the Ocean?

The old joke says, "A Good Start! I say, let's add "bad parents" to the mix, and you've got a very good start.

Five Year-Old Handcuffed by Police

So this kindergarten student became completely unmanageable... going so far as to try to punch the assitant principal. Mom was called, but couldn't get to the school to pick up her child, so the police were called. The video shows the child's behavior, and the child being cuffed by police officers. The family has contacted a lawyer, who is of course suing everyone in sight because the parents won't make their child behave. You can watch the video from the link.

Maybe it's the soon-to-be-teacher in me that has such a hard time with this story, or maybe it's the parent in me that is kind of pissy. Maybe it's the fact that I work on the campus of a discipline school and I see kids like this all damned day... I see them kicking teachers, punching them in the groan, swearing a blue streak... being generally unmanageable...AND FOR THE MOST PART GETTING AWAY WITH IT. I see their parents charge into the school (which, by the way, the kids have been sent to because they are unable to behave) and yell at teachers and administrators because (oh for shame) they dared to discipline their perfectly well-behaved kids. (well, someone should.)

Yes - that's exactly how I feel. No bones 'bout it. We are raising up our kids to become successful members of society. We teach them about consequences. We teach them respect. If we don't, we can't sue the society that expects obedience to the social contract. They need to handcuff Mom and the lawyer too.