Monday, April 25, 2005

Upon Further Reflection...

Saturday’s post:

I reflected quite a bit on all your comments, and it helped me to figure out why I was so pissy about this story. In essence, I’m just really pissed off!! Why? This is a five-year old child… dammit, Mom. Clock your ass out of work and come get her. She needs you. She needs you to find out what’s wrong…needs you to help her fix it… she needs you to make sure she’s safe and happy and healthy. You left her to fight for herself…left her at the mercy of weary teachers and police officers totally unprepared for this kind of a situation.

I do see kids like this every day, and I have never once seen their problems solved with cuffs. Most of the time, a weary teacher is trying to talk the child down while the secretary babysitts the class and NO kids are getting "taught." Neither the school nor the police should ever be put into a position of “what to do with this child?”

What was more important, Mom? Do you have to work? Is your boss the stubborn kind… the kind who knows the law, but knows that he can fire you for a myriad of reasons…knows you’re defenseless because Florida is a right-to-work state?

So – I’ m either mad at the system, or mad at the mom. Either way… something here was terribly fucked up, and an emotionally disturbed child ended up getting the shit end of the stick.

You're right G - it was a knee-jerk reaction...mine. Did I learn NOTHING in ethics about prima facie?