Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I am Happy Today!

I'm counting my blessings, as Granny used to say:

(1) Reno 911 started back up again!
(2) My kids got in a HUGE fight last night, and this time MY EX had to deal with it!
(3) My LoveBug bought us tickets to Michael Buble'!
(4) I've lost some weight, y'all!
(5) My bloggy friends are signing up for my team over at The Skinniest Bitch
(6) The Freedom Fries guy is going to push for an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq!
(7) I'm totally NOT the only one who thinks Tom Cruise is officially psycho.
(8) I'm totally NOT the only girl that thinks Angelina Jolie is a sex-pot and that Brad just needs to hit that.
(9) I'm also not the only one that thinks Lindsay Lohan is teh skanky since going skeletal.
(10) Applebees loves me.

The only thing that would make me any happier this morning is if more of my bloggy friends would sign up for my team over at the aforementioned site, and if my LoveBug would buy me a fainting goat, and if the link to the fainting goats weren't some guy setting his farts on fire. Dammit! Thanks for the heads up, greekchick! I'll get right on that, as soon as I set my husband on fire for his practical joke (he knows I can't view links like that from work.)

Goddammit - do not click this link. It's supposed to be fainting goats. It is not.

Thank you Kim! Here's the link to the fainting goats. Oh GOD I want one of these.