Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Evil Co-Worker - Volume III

The evil co-worker is continuing to pollinate the workspace with vile comments.

Case in Point #1: My cubicle buddy (the one earning only 17k/yr) bought some new shoes on her lunchbreak. They're cute as hell! You know those tennis shoes that kind of look like bowling shoes? She's seriously excited. Evil co-worker probably heard the crinkling of paper (my dog does the same thing - she hears a crinkling wrapper and immediately assumes she is getting a food treat) and pops her head around the corner.
"What did you bring back for lunch?"
"Shoes." Holds up shoes.
"Those are ugly."
Cubicle Mate ignores her.
"I said, those shoes are ugly."

Later in the afternoon, Evil Co-worker comes into our office.

"Does anyone have any popcorn?"
(me)"I do."
"No, real popcorn, not that diet junk."
"Then no, I don't."

Five minutes later...

"Where's your popcorn?"
(me)"What? You couldn't find fat popcorn anywhere?"
My cubicle mate gives me a wierd look and I smile my evil smile.
"No. I'll just take your junk and add butter to it."
"Middle shelf, far left."

As my cubicle mate scratches her head in wonder, I shoot her the following e-mail.

"It's not my popcorn. Remember when we cleaned out the storage room? I found the box in a corner, covered in dust."