Monday, July 11, 2005

I'm Back (sort of)

This is raw (that's code for "not photoshopped") but I wanted to share what may potentially be my favorite shot from this trip. I took over 200 photos of waterfalls and swamps and cemetaries and abandoned hotels and ghost towns, but this one speaks to me. It speaks to me because I just spent the last week with my husband's family - my family - and cherished every morsel of time, every fragrance of laughter, every instance of commonality. It was a sacred experience to commune with nature, with family, and with new friends.

Unfortunately, everything I would have done last week had I been home, graciously waited for my return and is currently demanding all my attention. Therefor, this post will be sort of a driveby, sort of an update, and just an all-around, "Howdy friends, I'm back!"