Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Stealing Access

Let's be brief, as what I'm doing is likely to upset my neighbors.

I am stealing someone's service. In the furthest corner of my property, I can pick up just the barest signal. As such, there will be no pictures. As such, though I miss you all dearly, I will not be able to visit your homes.

LoveBug promises me I will have my access when I return from Indiana on Sunday. I will make rounds then, as withdrawal is at an all time high.

I'll be flying to Indiana to see Scotty, Mamacita, and Garrison on Friday. I also hope to see my friend Jodi. If you're reading Jo, e-mail me about Saturday night! I'll check from work on Thursday. I hope.

When I return to the blogosphere on Monday, I'll tell you stories, share some very exciting news, and of course, offer pictoral accounts of my visit with old and new friends.