Friday, August 12, 2005

Interview with a Vamp - Part 5 of 5

No food or drink in the world is bad for you, gives you cancer or makes you gain weight. Give us an example of what a daily menu would be like in the Bug House?

Breakfast: Cheese
Lunch: Cheese
Supper: Cheese

What - that's not enough? Okay...

Breakfast: Cheese and ham omelet, with extra cheese, topped with cheese... a side of perfectly toasted bread with butter and strawberry preserves, and a big glass of cold milk to settle my stomach.
Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich on Texas Toast with a side of pickles. I'm not eating the pickles, but the juice left behind is sopping into the corner of my bread...a side of cheese sticks with creamy ranch dressing.
Dinner: Tomato Caprese (beef-steak tomatos with buffalo mozzerella) drizzled with real balsamic vinegar, homemade lasagna with LOTS of fine Italian cheeses, and a luscious red velvet cake with homemade sour cream icing for dessert.
Snack: Tuscany Cheeses with a well-aged Chianti.

Or should I have just stuck with "cheese"? Dammit - this question made me hungry! Amy, thanks for the blogging material! You rock - did you miss your calling?

It's been a whirlwind week for FunkyB - finals are over, 4.0 remains intact, and a new job awaits. I can't begin to tell you what your finger crossing, encouraging e-mails, and general support/cheerleading have meant to me. That virtual strangers would send me prayers, positive energy, and happy thoughts is beyond my comprehension. I am humbly grateful.

Y'all have the most fantabulous, food-filled weekend now, ya' hear?