Monday, August 08, 2005

* Monday's Extras *

No - the real post is above - this is just an extra tidbit. I just want to quickly address two things: a cliffhanger, and a request.

Cliffhanger - literally. Still waiting on word as to whether or not I'll get my job.

Request: I've been involved with another blog called Adventures in Cyberia. If you've never visited, here's the concept. WE ARE ADDICTED TO SIMS2. Here's where you come in; All our Sims are fashioned after bloggers. I've been running some 14 Sims for the last few weeks, and a few of them are dropping out (thus will be dropping dead in the next week). Since most Sims do like to breed, I have babies coming along - soon. If any of you would like to be a Sims character and have your story featured regularly at Adventures in Cyberia, please comment on this post. I'll also need to know your astrological sign (that's how your personality is determined in the Sims game) as well as any physical features that I might not be able to get from your blog or profile. K? K!