Monday, September 12, 2005

Me-me Monday

So what's with the themes these days? We've got Self Portrait Friday, Stuff Portrait Friday, Way Back Wednesday, Half-Nekkid Thursday, White Trash Friday...and the list goes on and on.

It's a MEME, people. It's a stinkin' meme.

But fuck me with a broomstick, it sure does bring folks 'round. Did you see my comment count for HNT? I broke 50 - effortlessly. (Oh, and ONE of you declined to post on my HNT for Thursday, and you post every single damned day, so I KNOW you were protesting, you competitive little drama queen).

I'm not against these memes. I rather like the way it introduces me to new blogs. I wish we had one for every day of the week, but then my blog would become a bit predictable, which would drive me quite insane. HOWEVER, I wanted desperately to start my OWN weekly meme, and I decided that Monday is now Me-me Monday.

The rules of the game are simple: We ALL have a "100 Things About Me" list. If you don't, you're going to start one today. I want you to go to the first one on your list, and do tell all. You can post a photo, use your scanner ala Way Back Wednesday and That's So Dos, or you can use the feature like Mrs. Mogul. However you want to do it - just do it (there's that nickname again, Adam!)

Without further ado: Welcome to All About Me-me Monday (A2M2) #1

1. I'm Sicilian on my father's side, German on my mother's.

My father is actually better described as either my sperm-donor, or my mother's booty-call. Suffice it to say, I don't have a clue what he looks like. However, I have to note that although my mom has told me all my life "That's your father's sicilian blood making you act like an ass", it wasn't until I became engaged to an Italian that she begin telling me (and him and anyone in earshot) that I am, in fact, Croatian. WTF? Croatia didn't even EXIST when he was hatched! Though I went pale with fear that my fiance would assume I had lied to him about my heritage, he assured me that he thought it was quite funny. I assured him that I am indeed Sicilian (and my grandmother will attest to that. She always said, regarding my pop, "That WOP could talk the clothes off a nun.") and told him in all probability, my mother had most likely read a romance novel where the heroin was a croatian. Sure 'nuff... later in the day as she was flipping through the channels, she said, "Oh look! It's the Croatian Network." It was actually a PBS special on the Soviet Union, but when your mother is crazy, you just have to let some things go.

The crazy - yeah, that's my German side...and it surely runs through my veins as well...though I'm not entirely unconvinced that crazy isn't more nurture than nature.

Let me know if you played by commenting below, and I'll add you to the link on my sidebar for All About Me-Me Monday (coming later today). Hey Lu...wanna make me a banner?