Friday, September 02, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday (or, Funky succumbs to an easy post)

You know, I gotta try something new. Fridays are definitely my lowest readership days. It's like you all have a life or something ?!?! So in an effort NOT to hurt my brain, in the interest of taking pictures whenever possible, in an attempt to up my comment count on my lowest of days, I have succumb to the lure of the Meme... Stuff Portrait Friday.

My instructions are to post the following three photographs:

Photo 1: Your drink of choice.
Well, this is interesting. My drink of choice is a dark, dry red wine. Seems all the bottles of red wine disappeared during my week between jobs. Funny. But I do have my second favorite drink:

Photo 2: Trunk of your car. What's there, right now?

Boxes of stuff I've accumulated over the last three years at my old job. Yeah, they're still in my trunk, and NO I did NOT steal office supplies. Doesn't everyone keep their own photo-quality paper at work? No? Really? Hmm.

Photo 3: Your dishes - what you drink and eat from.

Okay - I sort of lied about the cup. You see, I collect colored aluminum stuff, but NO ONE is allowed to drink out of it. It's just, well, I started this new job see, and I haven't done the dishes, so these are the only clean cups right now. (The dirty dishes are actually piled up on the counter, hence the photoshopped background).

AND THAT is my Friday post. I'll be heading off to the Everglades now to be eaten, um er, take pictures of alligators. I'll see you all on Monday or Tuesday (or not?!?!)

Happy Labor Day!!!