Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Am a Fucktard

*Edited! Guys, you have GOT to read my comments. I have a novela tucked away in there. I finally got Jesus Spam! My husband says it was a novela AND a novena. I'm so f-ing blessed.*

So yeah... I posted this morning - sort of. I'd started a post last night about being pissed that on my LAST free day before starting my new job, I'd gotten STUCK at the old job for almost an entire day - and I only went in to pick up my last check. Then I decided to save it to draft, so I could post about starting my new job in the morning.

Well, I did post it. BUT somehow I spun the dates, and it ended up getting posted WAY below. WAY below. If you care - it's WAY below, titled Dawning of a New Day or some shit like that.

So - I'll do a quick post now, telling you that my new job was FABULOUS! I love it - I love the atmosphere, I love everyone in my department. It totally ROCKS!

That's all I'll say today - or maybe all I'll say about it ever. I had to sign a few oaths today... the Oath of Loyalty made me a bit twitchy, but that's fine 'cause I was already doing that. The Oath of Confidentiality kinds of bites though, because it prohibits me from sharing with you all the interesting details of my job transcribing murder trials and such. :(

I'm off to visit! See you all in a bit!