Monday, August 29, 2005

The Dawn of a New Day

This is it, folks. This is the dawning of a new day.
In precisely as-soon-as-I-finish-my-coffee-minutes, I shall be driving the familiar road, then driving beyond my previous work place and on to my new job.

Will I veer left on Haywood and run screaming to my boss, "Please take me back?" Will I pull into the parking lot, listen to a few minutes of Monsters in the Morning for old-times sake, then head on my way?

Or, will I drive by and fling my middle finger out the window, laughing maniacally on the way past?

Yes, probably that last one will do. Let me tell you, yesterday (my LAST day of freedom between jobs) I went to pick up my paycheck. I ended up STUCK there for several hours (almost a full day) because apparantly they can't live without me and it's all going to hell in a hand-basket. Nice!

But today... today I'm nervous as hell. I hate starting over. I.HATE.IT. My old job was okay - well, except for the evil co-worker and my flatulent slob of a boss. I'm going to miss blogging at work. I'm going to miss doing homework at work. I'm going to miss having my not-evil-co-worker braid my hair while we enjoy our morning coffees. I'm going to miss knowing my job requirements so fucking well that I could (and often did) do them in my sleep. I'm going to miss knowing so much about what I do that no one could possibly think they could tell me how to do my job.

In precisely right-after-this-next-cup-of-coffee, I'm going to be heading down the road to become the newbie. The new, green, un-skilled, un-trained, bottom of the totem pole kid on the block.

Why did I quit my job again?

Oh fuck. Wish me luck.