Monday, October 31, 2005

Me-Me Monday -- A Bit of #57 for your Halloween Spook-musement

Hey kids! My hubby is soooo sweet to post for me whilst I'm on my death bed. I'm feeling like a pile of poo, which would make a great Halloween costume if I could manage to get to the door and hand out candy. I had this Scary Me-Me all ready to go, but just couldn't drag my dying carcass to the computer to post it.

I think I'll leave this up through tomorrow and return to bed. Thank you so much for all your get-well wishes. I'm going to take your get-well advice, but I may have to spread the alcohol out over a week-long period.

Until I feel better, I leave you with my Scary-ass Me-Me Monday (and then some) post.

Welcome to another installment of, "Come ON -- tell me the WHOLE story!" otherwise known as "I love to talk about myself", and in a pinch can be called Me-Me Monday. The object of the game is to refer to your 101 Things About Me list, pick one of your "things" and tell the whole sordid tale.

I've had some requests for the image, and to make life easy for you, I've put it on my flickr page. Here's your sign ;)

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In honor of Halloween (Happy Candy & Boo! Day to you all!), I present #57 on my 101 Things.

#57 -- My husband saw Aileen Wuornos hitchhiking in Florida on the night she was executed.

Here's the story, as told by LoveBug:

"I was driving home late on the night of October 9th, 2002 -- on the backroad late at night with a co-worker. Along the side of the road I caught a glimpse of a woman. As we passed, I realized her face looked familiar and said to my co-worker, 'Did you see that woman? That woman looked just like Aileen Wuornos,' to which my co-worker replied 'Who?' I then told her that Aileen Wuornos was a highway prostitute, who lured her male victims with promises of sex. Once off the highway, she shot them, robbed them, and left them to die. She was convicted of six murders, and was currently in Starke Prison awaiting her execution."

"I didn't think any more about it until the next day, when you told me that Aileen Wuornos had been put to death the morning before -- on October 9th.
After a bit of frantic researching, I found out the road I was driving on the night before -- the road I spotted the familiar woman on --it was just off that road that she committed one of her last murders."

Is it possible that after her execution, Aileen's restless and tortured spirit returned to walk the backroads that led to her demise? Was she re-living her life, or was she returning to a pattern that defined her existance?

LoveBug goes on to say, "Make sure you tell your readers that I don't believe in ghosts." I assured him that fact was #56 on my list. Then I smiled and said, "Yes Honey, you don't believe in ghosts... but it really doesn't much matter to them if you believe or not."

Have a happy Halloween, and if you live in Florida, might I suggest you stay off the backroads (insert scary music soundtrack here).