Friday, October 28, 2005

Random, Incohesive Post and WTF

Shew! HNT is a LOT of work! It's hard work -- it's almost as hard as being President! I just spent the last three hours sending back some comment lovin'! May I make the following suggestions? I mean, it's Osbasso's game, but we're all one big family, right?

Leesa suggested last week that for one day -- one lousy stinking day -- you turn OFF the verifuckation! I delete maybe five spams per day from my blog, and most of those have hit OLD posts. However, I probably type apoisdh soien zytcnwp about 200 times during HNT. Come on -- let's share the love and get rid of the fucking. Well...the bad kind of fucking, I mean to say! If you're so a-scared of spam, Haloscan Baby! Just one day? Pretty please? Okay -- but I'm NOT waiting for the "word" to load up, and I'm NOT going to "try again" with a new set of fucked up letters.

With HNT being so wildly popular, cretins were bound to crawl out from under the rocks and start hitting our pictures. Don't let them upset you. That's their game. HOWEVER, if you're a regular HNTer and you don't like something, how about SKIPPING it! No one likes to be insulted. Play nice, or take your ball(s) and go home.

That's pretty much all I've got today, kids. Stuff Portrait Friday is all about the Halloween decorations and costumes, sort of ain't gone none yet! I've got a great parting WTF for you though:

That's my desk, after ONE week of blogging. Lordy lordy...

Speaking of blogging -- for Monday's Me-Me, might I suggest that in honor of Halloween, you pick a number from your list that might be kinda scary or otherwise apropos?

Have a fantastical weekend, Kids. I'll see you on the flip side of it!