Friday, October 21, 2005

Google Me This

I just don't have the energy to play SPF or WTF this week. Sorry y'all, but I'm backing down this time. I've got to batten down the hatches and pray Wilma doesn't visit me this weekend! So, here's a quick little meme to hold the blog down until Monday. Hopefully the electricty (and the computer and the roof) will be here on Monday. Sigh.

I stole this from Osbasso (see's he's got more than the nekkid thing goin' on) awhile back. Go to Google Images, type the following catagories, post pics, lather, rinse, repeat. Play if you want - tagging is "so old school".

- The name of the town where you grew up

This is only part of Bloomington, but it's a lovely part. This shot is also across the street from an area where I really grew up -- socially and psychologically. It's smack-dab downtown Bloomington. Are ya feelin' me, Townies?

- The name of the town where you live now

I swear to GOD nobody has taken a shot OUTSIDE of this park in Lakeland. It's so much prettier than just this park. I think I just got my next photo assignment.

- Your name

I'm not kidding - this was the second photo that popped up under my name. This is SO not me, that's it's perfect.

- Your Grandmother’s name (pick one)

My grandmother's name was Flora. She would never have shown her breast. She was as beautiful as this work.

- Your favorite food

Cheese, glorious cheese! Any kind of cheese -- bring it on. The more the merrier.

- Your favorite drink

I got addicted to "water with gas" while we were in Italy a few summers ago. You can have "natural" water, or "water with gas", which is frizzy water. Honestly, anything you can order that comes with gas -- where you can say, "I'll have the gas, please" is alright with me. Tastes right good, too!

- Your favorite song

"Allison" by Elvis Costello. This is not the "Allison" in the song, but this is the way the song makes me feel.

- Your favorite smell

I once told my bestest girlfriend Jodi that when we were old, we would sit outside Wal-mart and wait for the bus. When we are old, and we are waiting on the bus, we will smell of rose water.