Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Robin Needs

Goddammit this being sick thing sucks ASS. I'm finally upright, though not feeling well enough yet to want to be horizontal. My vertical hours were spent at work (sigh) and then trying desperately to catch up on all my favorite blogs. I didn't do such a great job, but if I missed you today, I'll be by tomorrow.

I did take a vertical break to greet my boys...

...then back to the office for more "catching up" and such. That being the case, I didn't have the proper amount of time to come up with the interesting post you all deserve. Instead, I leave you a soul-less meme to hold you over until Funky gets rid of the Bug.

THE RULES: Go to Google, type "[your name] needs" and all your problems are solved.

The Results of "Robin Needs"

"A normal-sized adult robin needs about 40 calories a day..."
THAT explains so much.

"Ambushes are great for acquiring the money that Robin needs to pay the ransom
for King Richard's release."
Screw King Richard. How 'bout the money Robin needs to fly back to Italy for a few months?

"Robin needs to hook up with the Ravers."
Hell YEAH! Bring on those Ravers!

"But sometimes, even Robin needs help."
Aw... that's actually sweet. It also explains so much. (I think this picture will be the inspiration for my new blog template. )