Thursday, February 02, 2006

HNT -- Me & My Manatee

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Last week I dug into my archives to find a picture that expressed the level of distress I was feeling at being away from my LoveBug.
Me & My Manatee
With absolutely no fanfare at all, I introduced a series I had long ago planned for HNT.

Me & My Manatee

12-14-05 035-1

Allow me to introduce you to my manatee. He has no name -- he is just my manatee. I bought him a few years ago at the Lowry Park Zoo. Lowry is amazing in their committment to nursing injured manatees back to health. I spoke at length with one of the workers and became passionate about the plight of manatees at the hands of selfish and stupid boaters. I bought my manatee and took him home to remind me to work for the cause.

One night soon thereafter, one of our pillows came up missing. Now see, I have to lay my head on one pillow, while resting my face on another pillow. With one pillow missing, I was forced to cuddle up to my manatee. It was the best night's sleep ever. Since that time, I do NOT go to sleep without him. He is more important than my pillow or my blankets. He has become my security blanket, my cuddle buddy, my very special sleepy time friend.

So one night a few months back I shot some photos with my manatee. I will be exposing you to them, as I expose not only parts of my nekkidness, but the very childish side of me that now has to sleep with a stuffed animal.

This is Funky, and that is all.