Saturday, January 15, 2005

"Men of the Lost Mourn" has been updated!

This isn't a shameless plug (well, on second thought maybe it is) for my son's blog. I've said before that I love his inspired-to-write nature. Most kids get thumb cramps from video games, but my son gets hand cramps from writing. He's a normal kid in that he doesn't like to do homework, hates to clean his room, and stays out until dusk skateboarding with his friends. It's what he does AFTER dusk that gets me...he heats up his dinner (since he never makes it home in time to eat with the rest of us) then grabs his journal and starts working on his stories while the rest of watch re-runs of CSI. He's written volumes of works - some are short stories, some are becoming novels of epic proportions. I helped him set up his blog in the hopes that he would find typing an inspiration ("here's Mommy's laptop, go for it") and also in the hopes that he would meet with encouragement in the cyber world. He won't let me sign on as an editor, so you'll have to overlook the grammatical portions of his twelve-year old writing, but if you get a chance, please shoot over there (it's in my sidebar) and give him props.