Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fat Tuesday!

99 Bottles in New York City
Image copyright 2003

Today is Fat Tuesday. I am not in New Orleans. I am not sporting beads (thought I have earned them) and I will not be tying one on to celebrate the climax (pun intended) of Mardi Gras. In short, today sucks.

In other news... there is no other news. That's a good thing. My family seems to have bought the "I was drunk" excuse and that drama has temporarily subsided. Having some free time (not spent on Miller-drama) I went through some older photographs to start preparing for my show in March. If you're interested in seeing a sample, you can go to. I'll be updating over the next few weeks as time allows. I'd be interested in your opinions - not compliments, but opinions. Which ones, in your opinion are marketable? If you were interested in buying prints, which ones (if any) would you be able to find a place in your home for? Often times what my eye finds interesting, others find strange and macabre. Yes, the images are my property, and yes...for my blogosphriends only, you can borrow them (just give me credit for them, pretty please.) Later, when I'm "big time" I'll jack up the images with one of those right-click stoppers... but for now, I'm just happy if you like them ("they like me...they really like me!")

So that's today's blog. Have a great day and remember, Fat Tuesday does NOT mean you can go off your diet...unless you're Catholic and you're REALLY into Lent.
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