Saturday, February 26, 2005

Life is a Song

The One and Only

Last night was magical. I am in love.

For my birthday, Lovebug got tickets to see Tony Bennett over in Clearwater. I rushed home from work and had exactly 1hr to beautify myself. No denim for Tony... he gets only the best of Bug. I broke out my black cocktail gown, my sexy black strappy shoes, and my pearls, folks. I planted myself in front of the mirror and carefully applied my make-up...subtle eyeshadow so as not to distract from my Hollywood Siren Red lipstick... I did the first "updo" I've ever attempted on my own... all for Tony...

I went 30 minutes past our departure time, and we got stuck in Tampa traffic. Dinner ended up being a 1/2 sandwich at Panera... there I was, dressed to the 9s in Panera Bread... it was hysterical.

As we arrived at Ruth Eckard Hall it began to rain. OH NO! My hair, perfectly coiffed was about to smell like Lithuanian cheese... I positioned my wrap over my head like a canopy and we walked to the concert hall. Tickets presented...ushers direct...stop for a Merlot...five minute chime...chug Merlot...note that I'm the youngest person there...grin that I'm finally the youngest person in the room...find seat...lights down...and ohmygodtonybennetjustwalkedonstage...

He was fabulous... his black suit, white shirt, white tie... and for 90 minutes he sang, shuffled, showcases his players...sang, romanced me...I know Lovebug was sitting beside me, but it felt like it was just me and my Tony. When he had them turn off his mic and proceeded to sing a truly unplugged Fly Me to the Moon... well, I flew to the moon.

Oh don't worry...Lovebug and I hit a great Italian joint after the concert and had a wonderful meal afterall...

But this morning I'm hungover with absolute love for Tony Bennett. I have no political or social commentary today... Today it's just a lovely day...I've wrapped my troubles in a dream, and that dream is Anthony Dominick Benedetto.Posted by Hello