Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pins and Needles

I just got a call from my friend PC - she's the one I used to share the hamster cage with, and the one who got me the interview. The guy I interviewed with yesterday called her this morning for a reference. Here's the interesting thing: they never actually asked for references...not on the application anyhow. I made sure to drop my friend's name a few times in the conversation and it stuck enough for him to call her up. He told her I'm one of the top two, and the other one has less technical skill. So.... now I'm on pins and needles. I gotta tell ya, some of the responses I got yesterday cracked me up. You guys are priceless!!!!

So, let's talk about Terri...yeah, lets jump on the Shiavo bandwagon. I can. I live about 45 minutes from her. I'm not going to rehash much...I just want to make a quick point or two:

I'm wondering why the people who are so concerned for her soul, don't just let it go? The priests say that if Terri starves to death, it's a mortal sin. Huh? So if you really believe there is a better life waiting on the other side of mortal death, why not let her go? Run to the light, Terri!

If Bush is so concerned with a human life that he flies out of Crawford to sign a bill... why isn't he flying to Iraq and saving the lives of civilians and soldiers dying there every single day? One of my co-workers got his papers yesterday and he's been ordered up. The last thing my boss said to him was, "Keep your head down, buddy." I really hope it ISN'T the last thing my boss EVER says to him. Hey Bush... what happens when the cameras aren't following Air Force One and why don't you care about the human lives that haven't been the center of media attention for the last umpteen years?

Finally... this judge here in FL...this Clinton appointee... if he decides to rule on the side of the court, are you gonna blame Clinton for Terri's death? You want laws, you righteous Right, but you don't want them followed. I don't get you. I thought hypocrasy was the worst of sins?

Okay - that's my update and my rant. Back to your regularly scheduled work day.