Monday, March 14, 2005

The Other Side of Crazy

Lake Logan

Isn't it just so peaceful here? This is a place I refer to as "the other side of crazy." It's nice to be there today.

First, to answer the question posed by more than a few, no I am not going to stop posting just because Cadybug found my blog. I thought my mom was some pristine, prim, perfect little housewife (mortally bored, but dutiful.) That certainly didn't do anything for or against my moral rearing... so if Cadybug and Cuddlebug find out that mom is less than stellar in the morality department, that mom drinks a lot of wine and never acts her age outside of our little home... so be it.

Basically, I haven't been posting because I've been occupied to the full extent of my abilities. Between the midterm, my crazy-assed workplace, and the show last weekend, it was all I could do to stay up past 8pm every night. But it's all over now... still no grade on the midterm, work is still 'teh' shit, and the show is over... maybe now I can resume this blog thing. I feel like I've been a miserable blogger lately... but life moves at its own pace, and cares not for my blogging desires.

And finally (this should more or less get you caught up to speed) the show is over. It was not exactly a success as far as I'm concerned. Others in my life have told me it was a success, but my wallet says different. I did sell some prints (in case you're interested, I sold a "Times Square" to an ex-cop from NYC and a few of my Bonaventure Cemetary Angel series), but I did not even come close to breaking even. It would have been successful only if I'd actually made back what I put in... I know, that's why they call us starving artists... but until I actually resemble someone who is starving (as opposed to someone who ate three starving people) then that is no consolation.

I'm tired... I'm bitter...I'm back.Posted by Hello